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Warning: Do Not Play (2019) 2019

Mi-Jung (Seo Ye-Ji ) is a rookie film director and she has been preparing a horror film for the past 8 years. One day, Mi-Jung hears about a movie whi...

Director: Jin Won Kim

Stars: Ye-ji Seo, Seon-kyu Jin, Bo-ra Kim, Cha Yub

3.9 IMDB Rating 173 Views
Stuber (2019) 2019

A detective recruits his Uber driver into an unexpected night of adventure.

Director: Michael Dowse

Stars: Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani, Mira Sorvino, Natalie Morales

6.2 IMDB Rating 473 Views
Fortuna’s Eye (2019) 2019

Shinichiro is lonely for two reasons. He lost his family in an accident when he was younger. He also has an unusual and morbid ability to see through ...

Director: Takahiro Miki

Stars: Kasumi Arimura, Daigo, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Yukiya Kitamura

Sound & Fury (2019) 2019

Sound & Fury is post-apocaliptic anime-music short film featuring Sturgill Simpson's last album with the same name as its soundtrack.

You Shine in the Moonlight (2019) 2019

Takuya Okada is a high school student. He visits his classmate Mamizu Watarase in the hospital. Mamizu suffers from the mysterious ailment "Luminescen...

Director: Shô Tsukikawa

Stars: Takumi Kitamura, Mei Nagano, Kyoko Hasegawa, Tomoko Ikuta

3.0 IMDB Rating 82 Views
Corporate Animals (2019) 2019

Lucy (Demi Moore) is the egotistical megalomaniac CEO of Incredible Edibles, America's premier provider of edible cutlery. In her infinite wisdom, Luc...

Director: Patrick Brice

Stars: Demi Moore, Ed Helms, Jessica Williams, Karan Soni

4.6 IMDB Rating 73 Views
Prey (2019) 2019

Toby (Logan Miller) must survive an island retreat while a sinister force hunts him, leaving bodies in its wake.

Director: Franck Khalfoun

Stars: Joey Adanalian, Jolene Anderson, Vela Cluff, Phodiso Dintwe

7.3 IMDB Rating 293 Views
Ambition (2019) 2017

A young aspiring musician preparing for a competition, is incredibly confidant and gets herself involved in a frightening trap that she has to find he...

Director: Robert Shaye

Stars: Sonoya Mizuno, Katherine Hughes, Jared Bankens, Kyanna Simone

Birders (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Birders (2019) ; Bird watchers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border share their enthusiasm for protecting and preserving some of the ...

Director: Otilia Portillo Padua

6.9 IMDB Rating 38 Views
10 Minutes Gone (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film 10 Minutes Gone (2019) ; A crime thriller that centers on a man whose memory has been lost due to a bank heist gone wrong. The character...

Director: Brian A. Miller

Stars: Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Meadow Williams, Kyle Schmid

Eternal Code (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Eternal Code (2019) ; Eternal life technology (transferring mind to new body) is developed by 2 companies. Resistance to the merger of t...

Director: Harley Wallen

Stars: Scout Taylor-Compton, Billy Wirth, Richard Tyson, Mel Novak

Doom: Annihilation (2019) 2019

Follows a group of UAC Marines as they respond to a distress call from a top secret scientific base on Phobos, a Martian moon, only to discover it's b...

Director: Tony Giglio

Stars: Amy Manson, Louis Mandylor, Nina Bergman, Kate Nichols

Penguins (2019) 2019

A coming-of-age story about an Adélie penguin named Steve who joins millions of fellow males in the icy Antarctic spring on a quest to build a suitabl...

Director: Alastair Fothergill, Jeff Wilson

Stars: Ed Helms

6.8 IMDB Rating 202 Views
Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask (2019) 2019

The English traveller Jonathan Green receives from Peter the Great an order to map the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out for a long journey ful...

Director: Oleg Stepchenko

Stars: Jason Flemyng, Xingtong Yao, Anna Churina, Jackie Chan

5.8 IMDB Rating 502 Views
Seeds (2018) 2016

Sinopsis Film Seeds (2018) ; When his increasingly depraved behavior spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England ...

Director: Owen Long

Stars: Trevor Long, Andrea Chen, Garr Long, Kevin Breznahan

Deadtectives (2018) 2017

DeadTectives follows a team of hapless paranormal investigators on a reality TV series who go on a quest to Mexico's most haunted house in the pursuit...

Director: Tony West

Stars: Chris Geere, Martha Higareda, Tina Ivlev, José María de Tavira

The Wolf Hour (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film The Wolf Hour (2019) ; June was once a known counter-culture figure, but that was a decade ago. She now lives alone in her South Bronx a...

Director: Alistair Banks Griffin

Stars: Naomi Watts, Jennifer Ehle, Emory Cohen, Jeremy Bobb

7.5 IMDB Rating 47 Views
Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself (2019) ; The ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham, taped his second Netflix special in his hometown of Dallas, TX in t...

Director: Troy Miller

Stars: Jeff Dunham

6.7 IMDB Rating 29 Views
Until I Meet September’s Love (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Until I Meet September's Love (2019) ; Shiori Kitamura just moved to a new apartment. She works at a company. Susumu Hirano lives next d...

Director: Toru Yamamoto

Stars: Mickey Curtis, Yûtarô Furutachi, Kenta Hamano, Rina Kawaei

6.4 IMDB Rating 58 Views
Midsommar (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Midsommar (2019) ; A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat ...

Director: Ari Aster

Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper

7.6 IMDB Rating 250 Views
Running with the Devil (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Running with the Devil (2019) ; The CEO of an International conglomerate sends two of his most regarded executives to investigate why sh...

Director: Jason Cabell

Stars: Cole Hauser, Nicolas Cage, Natalia Reyes, Leslie Bibb

Auggie (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Auggie (2019) ; Forced into early retirement, Felix Greystone falls in love with an augmented reality companion, to the detriment of his...

Director: Matt Kane

Stars: Larisa Oleynik, Richard Kind, Christine Donlon, James C. Victor

Exit (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Exit (2019) ; A rock climber tries to save the day when a mysterious white gas envelops an entire district in Seoul, South Korea.Nonton ...

Director: Sang Geun Lee

Stars: Jung-suk Jo, Yoona, Du-shim Ko, In-hwan Park

7.2 IMDB Rating 371 Views
Non sono un assassino (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Non sono un assassino (2019) ; Deputy Police Superintendent Francesco Prencipe is on his way to meet his best friend, Judge Giovanni Mas...

Director: Andrea Zaccariello

Stars: Riccardo Scamarcio, Alessio Boni, Edoardo Pesce, Claudia Gerini

6.5 IMDB Rating 206 Views
The Perfect Date (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film The Perfect Date (2019); To save up for college, Brooks Rattigan creates an app where anyone can pay him to play the perfect stand-in bo...

Director: Chris Nelson

Stars: Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Odiseas Georgiadis, Camila Mendes

5.8 IMDB Rating 186 Views
Metamorphosis (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Metamorphosis (2019) ; An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to s...

Director: Hong-seon Kim

Stars: Seong-woo Bae, Dong-il Sung, Young-nam Jang, Hye-Jun Kim

5.3 IMDB Rating 243 Views
Scarborough (2018) 2018

Sinopsis Film Scarborough (2018) ; Two couples - each comprising of a teacher and a student - spend a life-changing weekend at the seaside resort town...

Director: Barnaby Southcombe

Stars: Jessica Barden, Jordan Bolger, Edward Hogg, Jodhi May

7.6 IMDB Rating 124 Views
Candy Corn (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Candy Corn (2019) ; It's Halloween weekend and a group of bullies are planning their annual hazing on local outcast, Jacob Atkins. When ...

Director: Josh Hasty

Stars: P.J. Soles, Tony Todd, Courtney Gains, Pancho Moler

1.4 IMDB Rating 222 Views
Bloodline (2018) 2018

Sinopsis Film Bloodline (2018); Evan (Seann William Scott) values family above all else, and anyone who gets between him, his wife, and newborn son le...

Director: Henry Jacobson

Stars: Seann William Scott, Mariela Garriga, Dale Dickey, Kevin Carroll

6.9 IMDB Rating 112 Views
Evaru (2019) 2019

Sinopsis Film Evaru (2019) ; Sub-inspector Vikram Vasudev is entrusted with the task of investigating the murder of a high ranking officer who was kil...

Director: Venkat Ramji

Stars: Regina Cassandra, Naveen Chandra, Irfan, Nihal Kodhaty

8.6 IMDB Rating 257 Views
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